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What you should know about Mrasn Chemical !

Mrasn Chemicals Company

The famous company in the field of importing, storing and trading industrial chemicals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which can be varied anddiversified.

Our Vision

Our business vision is for the emerging startup company to develop in the field and provide products and services for materials, so as to contribute to the economic development and quality of life in the places where it operates.

Our mission

We will achieve our vision through development and diverse partnerships, expecting long-lasting results. This includes providing a strong experience with high-quality products and services, acting as a network consultant for industrial and commercial relations, fostering a generous and professional work environment, and leveraging modern technologies and artificial intelligence.

Selection of suppliers

Mrasn is committed to exceeding environmental, health and safety standards and continuous improvement as set forth in our responsible distribution process.


We look beyond the expected, strive for the extraordinary, and have the courage, vision and commitment to think ahead and pursue progress.

Corporate social responsibility

We are stewards of the communities we build and the land we share. We are connected to each other and our community, working to enhance economic development and quality of life.

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Our business governance helps ensure our continued success by encouraging the efficient use of resources and promoting accountability.

MRASN Products

Our Products

Mrasn specializes in the production and distribution of chemical materials. These materials are used in manufacturing processes. Marasen owns specialized warehouses and global supply lines throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its industrial and commercial ports, from which it proceeds to serve its customers quickly and with high efficiency.


Our Services

We Provide Services


Mrasn adopts the best health, safety and environmental practices

Mrasn Commitments


It adheres to international standards of excellence.

Standards Adherence


Mrasn provides high quality and reliable services.

High-Quality Services


Mrasn is also proud to provide after-sales technical service

After-Sales Support


It includes visits by qualified technicalstaff.

Qualified Technical Visits