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The elimination of plastic static is a necessity for plastic packaged products and other related products in the fields of electronics, aviation, communications, computer, and etc. furthermore, static generated in the processing of plastic products has considerable negative effects on the processing equipment and the products. We produce and supply long-term and short-term anti-static products that can be added into or painted on plastic products.
The alkylamine products we refine from vegetable oil have such recommendable properties as high purity (low content of EG, scarce residue of Dioxane), nice color, good stability, as well as applicability to food and medicine.
We also provide various kinds of antistatic agent including specification GMS series, special BOPP antistatic agent, anti-static master batch series, chemical fiber antistatic agent, long-time antistatic agent.


  Name Application
  GMS 70 PP_PE
  GMS 45 PP_PE
  P Specially used in BOPP
  M Master batch series
  L Chemical fiber
  F Long time antistatic agent
  GS Oil product