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Anti-Block Blends

It is rather difficult for inorganic anti-block agents to be evenly dispersed in molten polymers due to the surface gravitation. Some big particles tend to cause fish eyes in the film, thus affecting the transparency of the film.
When applied to the surface treatment of anti-block agents, the surface slip agent can greatly enhance the dispersibility of the anti-block agents; meanwhile, the treatment will reduce the dosage of the surface slip agent and the cost of the formulation, keep a balance between anti-slipperiness and slipperiness of the film, as well as decrease floating on the film surface due to over-dosage of the slip agent. Our products are as follow:


  Item Surface Treatment Agent Anti-Block Agent
  UNIBLOCK 455 45% Erucamide 55% Silicon dioxide
  UNIBLOCK 455 35% Oleamide 65% Diatomaceous Earth
  UNIBLOCK 385 35% Erucamide 65% Talc

Packaging: The product is packed in net 25kg/carton