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LDHs Acid Scavenger

Application : 


LDHs is an extremely fine magnesium/aluminium-hydrotalcite which is mainly used as co-stabilizer for polypropylene and other polyolefins. The effect of LDHs in polyolefins is due to the efficient neutralization of residual quantities of acids liberated by catalysts or other


decomposition products. At the same time
the corrosiveness of the polymers is significantly reduced by the absorptive immobilization of anions, especially chloride. In contrast to traditional co-stabilizers like Ca-stearate, LDHs has a significantly bigger absorption capacity for acids at the same dosage level, causes lower water carry-over and shows no bleed-out effect. The excellent dispersibility in polymers is achieved by an exceptionally high fineness of the material and a special surface modification. Therefore the application of LDHs in transparent films is possible without restrictions