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Feature : Magnesium chloride is especially applied to prepare chemical catalyst; it is characterized by high purity, and adjustable granularity size.



Molecular formula               MgCl2 CAS   7786-30-3

Appearance                          White crystalline powder



MgCl2, wt%                           99% min
Moisture                                1% max
Granularity size                    D 90 < 200 um Or customer required


Application   Chemical catalyst


Safe Handing & Storage  

Magnesium chloride is hygroscopic and irritant. Do not breathe dust.Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames. Away from moisture. Storage in the original container at < 30oC.



Fine magnesium chloride powder supplie d in steel drums. It is packed under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen. 50KG /Steel Drum


Solution for Ethylene Process Chemicals


We have been working in the ethylene industry for more than ten years, and our products have made the ethylene production realize long-period operation. Based on careful analyses of the material composition and processing characteristics of our clients, we provide custom-made formulas of polymerization inhibitors, dispersants, and corrosion inhibitors so as to ensure the successful application for each client.


We also provide:


Highly Effective Polymerization antifoulant G3
Highly Effective Polymerization antifoulant G5
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