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Chemical NameBis(n-substituentbenzylidene)sorbitol acetals


Appearance                                      White powder
Melting point                                                 >=255_
Moisture, %                                                   <=0.5
Granularity (mesh)                                      >=325




NETRAN 255 is the third-generation sorbitol nucleating clarity agent. By providing crystal nucleus, it facilitates crystallization of resin, makes the crystallinegranular texture finer, thus enhancing the transparency, glossiness and smoothness of the product; it can also improve the toughness, flexbility, moisture barrier and thermal stability of the product.
Compared with PP not added with clarified agent, clarified PP offers improved
physical properties particularly higher stiffness and heat distortion temperature.
Netran 255 can be used directly with PP dry mixture, or after it is made into 2.5-5% master batches. Evident effect with the normal additive level of 0.1-0.4%.
Suggested additive level: 0.1-0.3%.